“We hear so much talk of high LTV’s these days, but 50% of our Direct Loans have equity at loan inception.  We’ve decided to offer DPW in both our direct and indirect channels.  Our Loan Officers quickly caught on to the benefit of this coverage and we’re looking forward to this being the next ‘New’ lending product to hit our space!”

$3.4 billion asset Credit Union

“When I first saw DPW, I liked the benefit but didn’t know if it would compete against our GAP product.  We did some research and found that nearly 80% of our direct loans had equity at time of financing.  Today, we’re selling DPW with great success when our members are not great candidates for GAP.  We couldn’t be happier with the early success.”

$1.1 billion asset Credit Union

“We are primarily an indirect lender, working with over 150+ dealers across three states. We saw a perfect fit for this product in the indirect space and are now offering to our entire dealer network.  They love the concept and it’s added great value to our indirect CU model.”

$774 million asset Credit Union